Better self-esteem = Better sales

We are what we think of us!!!! Every statement you tell yourself gives your subconscious a mental picture of yourself, which it will then try to make real. It’s all about how we see ourselves. Have you ever told yourself, I’m such a fool for messing up, and then found yourself making that same mistake again? That’s perfectly normal but the good thing is that it works the same way if we just change our-self-talk, from negative to positive.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you just improve your mental picture of yourself. A sales manager who repeats positive affirmations will soon come to see himself as a successful person and suddenly, things will start to occur the way they hope and plan for.

This is particularly useful when you’re gearing up to handle an upcoming sale. Just recall the best sale you’ve ever made and repeat it in your mind and you’ll be able to repeat that success again. Mediocre salespeople, on the other hand, dwell on their worst sales experience before an upcoming sale. He’ll find himself stuttering during the pitch and stressing out; the superior salesperson, in contrast, breezes through the presentation with confidence.

It’s just about learning from past lessons and knowing that successful people are not the ones who don’t screw up but the ones that learn from their mistakes. Regardless of how bad the mistake was. Always keep a positive image about yourself and things will start flowing the way you hope for.

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