Empathy is Everything

What’s more important, accomplish the sale or have a good relationship with your clients? The answer is easy, both.

The single most important thing in every business is the long-run goal or the “big picture”, unfortunately, in order to accomplish it, you can’t prioritize one from the other. But the good news is that you can do both simultaneously, how? Easy, empathizing with your customers/clients. 

To empathize is to understand or relate to someone else’s emotional experience. Whether it’s your clients, husband or wife, children or friends, empathizing with those around you will help you understand what they want and need.  Why is it good for business? Because your clients or costumers will know that you’re not only interested in completing a sale but rather, you’re looking for something more important, their trust.

For some people, empathizing is simple but for some other folks, that’s not that simple. Good thing is that everyone can learn how to do it, how? Always keep on Learning. And by learning, I don’t mean that you should go to read some book on empathizing, but rather, always be aware for the opportunities that come daily, especially when you’re about to go to visit some client. Everything matters! Especially the little details that we take for granted but for some people, detecting those minor details, might be the difference between being someone special or just some salesperson that will not even remember their name.

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