Complex and delicate decisions

Countless times have we heard our clients say, “We have to bring a director from outside because in the company doesn’t exist the talent we need,” or better yet, “We are going to promote internal talent”, but, ¿Are the arguments valid or correct?

The reality is that it’s not about if one scenario is better than another, but rather of which decision is better for the business and the growth strategy.

In such a fast and competitive environment, the decision is not always easy to make.

Experience and objectivity to make the best decision

Our clients need the objectivity, experience and knowledge from an expert in the field, and our consultants have more than 11 years of experience doing it.

Our unique methodology helps our clients define the right strategy. Through a series of interviews with the managers and decision makers, we can understand the situation of the business, and thus we are able to advise our clients on which is the best decision and why.

“Having a business partner with experience and objectivity, in the areas of evaluation and succession represents a competitive advantage in this such accelerated and changing world”.


Inner Structure

Much of TERH's success is due to the high degree of specialization that exists within the company. We want our consultants to develop different skills and focus on what they like most and are really passionate about, be it searching for candidates or developing business with our clients.

Areas of specialization

We approach the market through different specialty areas, these allows us to be a mirror of the organization chart of our customers, thus optimizing searches. Our consultants are constantly rotating within the different specialty areas so that they have a more comprehensive approach and experience.

Outstanding service

Year after year, more than 85% of TERH's annual revenues come from existing customers. This is due to the excellent service we offer for both our clients and our candidates. We know that when companies approach’s us, it’s because they’ve already used all the resources they had available to fill the vacancy and did not succeed. For the same reason, we know what they expect from us, a world-class service in the shortest amount of time.

Find the Right Candidate for your Company!

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