An industry in full transformation

Banks without branches, cash withdrawals without cards, mobile transactions without bank accounts, are just some of the new trends in the banking industry.

The financial and banking industry is in the midst of a turbulent transformation; in one side you have traditional markets, which are crucial for stability, and in the other side there’s the emerging markets, which are crucial for the future.

“The key is, that these leaders are able to combine experience with new opportunities, and thats why we are here for, to help them achieve that”.

Looking for new ways to attract and retain innovative talent

Our main task is to help leaders discover disruptive talent: one that has no problem in breaking paradigms, who can define the strategy for developing new businesses and introduce new operational models.

We recruit, develop and advise the leadership teams of our clients, so that they’re able to respond to this rapidly changing environment, helping them to thrive and always keep a competitive advantage in the industry.


Inner Structure

Much of TERH's success is due to the high degree of specialization that exists within the company. We want our consultants to develop different skills and focus on what they like most and are really passionate about, be it searching for candidates or developing business with our clients.

Areas of specialization

We approach the market through different specialty areas, these allows us to be a mirror of the organization chart of our customers, thus optimizing searches. Our consultants are constantly rotating within the different specialty areas so that they have a more comprehensive approach and experience.

Outstanding service

Year after year, more than 85% of TERH's annual revenues come from existing customers. This is due to the excellent service we offer for both our clients and our candidates. We know that when companies approach’s us, it’s because they’ve already used all the resources they had available to fill the vacancy and did not succeed. For the same reason, we know what they expect from us, a world-class service in the shortest amount of time.

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