Definitely, one of the main engines of GDP growth in any country is the construction industry.

“Over the years, TERH has established itself as an expert in everything that’s related to the construction industry”.

The ability of our consultants to identify and attract key talents that can add value in a competitive market and provide our clients with new ideas and insights of; new trends, growing problems and the key people and players impacting the construction industry is one of our main competitive advantages.

TERH as a business partner to attract the best talent in the industry

We know that the leaders of megaprojects, who’s responsibilities starts since the conceptualization of the project, regardless if it’s a mixed-use complex or an airport, they must have the ability to manage efficiently the quality, and budget throughout the whole construction process.

To achieve this, they need to attract the best talent into their team, and in order for them to achieve this, they must have a business partner who understands the delicate technical differentiators that exist between the candidates that comes from a contractor, a developer or a project manager, as we do in TERH.


Inner Structure

Much of TERH's success is due to the high degree of specialization that exists within the company. We want our consultants to develop different skills and focus on what they like most and are really passionate about, be it searching for candidates or developing business with our clients.

Areas of specialization

We approach the market through different specialty areas, these allows us to be a mirror of the organization chart of our customers, thus optimizing searches. Our consultants are constantly rotating within the different specialty areas so that they have a more comprehensive approach and experience.

Outstanding service

Year after year, more than 85% of TERH's annual revenues come from existing customers. This is due to the excellent service we offer for both our clients and our candidates. We know that when companies approach’s us, it’s because they’ve already used all the resources they had available to fill the vacancy and did not succeed. For the same reason, we know what they expect from us, a world-class service in the shortest amount of time.

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