Unique search processes

Each search process is unique, and must be treated as such. At TERH, we do everything we can to make everything happen as quickly and efficiently as possible, making the recruitment process the most enriching for both parties; Companies and Candidates.

“We know that small details make a big difference”.

Regardless of the size, nationality or sector of our clients, or whether it is a CEO or an Executive Manager; our experience and quality of service must be of the highest quality.

“Year after year, 80% of our revenue comes from existing clients”.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose TERH

Very few people study to become a Head Hunter. It’s something you have to try and experience to know if it is your passion. At TERH, we have perfected our internal recruitment process, to attract, train and retain the best Head Hunters in the industry, and thus be able to offer to our clients the best talent.

It’s complicated to develop a good Head Hunter, but it’s even more complicated for this Head Hunter to offer a high consulting service to his clients if he has other things to do beyond finding the best possible talent. At TERH, our Head Hunters do nothing more than specialize in finding the best possible talent, until they master the Art of being Head Hunters.

Understanding what the client really needs is crucial for the success of the search. That’s why in TERH, our consultants in charge of handling the relationship with our clients and developing business with them, have to come from the operation. It’s the only way for us to really understand what they need, but more importantly, to inform them about the complexities that we could find during the search and give them the appropriate recommendations to reduce those problems.

We are the only ones who can offer the best practices that offer both the C-level and middle-management firms offers but with a different approach and quality service. 85% of TERH’s annual revenues come from existing clients because we earn the trust of our clients from the first vacancy, regardless of company size or position. Our operational quality allows us to assure our business partners that they are in good hands and that the shortlist they receive from us include the best candidates in the market.

Most Companies don’t want to work with an outsider to solve their talent attraction problems, but they must do it for several reasons. In TERH, we don’t rest until the position has been covered. We know what we have to do to earn the trust of our clients; fast results and quality service. And this shouldn’t imply any investment other than the time they will invest to get the result.

“A doctor can’t heal a patient if they don’t tell the doctor what’s wrong.”

There is no way in which we can help our clients if we do not understand their problems, but that’s just as important as, communicating the problems we are facing throughout the search. That is why the communication we have with our clients is on a daily basis.

In a fastpaced world in which the access to information is becoming much easier, it’s not enough to just deliver a shortlist of candidates. We have to support the shortlist with facts. We understand this perfectly at TERH, and that is why each shortlist we send comes with the necessary support information.

It’s impossible to accomplish our deadlines if our Head Hunters do anything other than looking for the best talent. Therefore, we have a world-class operational center of excellence, in which all our Head Hunters are looking for the best possible talent in the national and international markets so that we can deliver a shortlist of candidates in the shortest amount of time.

Changes at Management level are not an easy task. They generate changes at all levels, that is why the process has to be handled with care. The best way to avoid the leak of information is by taking the search outside the organization. At TERH, we handle all positions as confidential, regardless of whether it is or it isn’t, and we only tell the candidate the name of our client until the 2nd filter and only when the client authorizes us to do it.

We believe in win-win relationships but we also know that the efforts of our Head Hunters during the search, should be rewarded, but not at a stratospheric cost. There is no commercial argument that validates the fees that some of our competitors charge. In TERH we want lasting relationships with our clients, that’s why we have the best cost/benefit ratio in the market.


Inner Structure

Much of TERH's success is due to the high degree of specialization that exists within the company. We want our consultants to develop different skills and focus on what they like most and are really passionate about, be it searching for candidates or developing business with our clients.

Areas of specialization

We approach the market through different specialty areas, these allows us to be a mirror of the organization chart of our customers, thus optimizing searches. Our consultants are constantly rotating within the different specialty areas so that they have a more comprehensive approach and experience.

Outstanding service

Year after year, more than 85% of TERH's annual revenues come from existing customers. This is due to the excellent service we offer for both our clients and our candidates. We know that when companies approach’s us, it’s because they’ve already used all the resources they had available to fill the vacancy and did not succeed. For the same reason, we know what they expect from us, a world-class service in the shortest amount of time.

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